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Welcome to your new body!

This week’s blog is a bit shorter, and contains a single trick to improve your sitting posture by a lot! When thinking about posture, many people think of their shoulders, upper back, and maybe neck. This is all well and good, but if you only concentrate on these areas, you’ll […]

Sitting posture

Walking is something we do everyday, and that’s why it’s a great tool to work on our body and movement. I use most of my time walking practicing some form of imagery to improve my body’s function (more on that later), and over the years I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge […]

Walking Imagery 1 – Back line of the leg

A frequent problem I see in my clients is a lack of ankle mobility, and more specifically, of range of motion in dorsiflexion (the action of taking your toes towards your knee). If you’re already convinced and just want the solutions, skip the next two paragraphs. This mobility is very […]

Ankle mobility