Taking care of your body is no simple task, and that’s why there are professionals to help you. See what treatments are available, who your therapist is, and when you’re ready: If you want to do some of the legwork yourself, check the reading list. You can also browse the blog posts via […]

Welcome to your new body!

Are you suffering from frequent pain or loss of motion in your neck and shoulder area? Contact me to discuss treatment options, or book directly here. Last week I presented to you some anatomy around the shoulders and neck, and now is the time to use this newly acquired knowledge to create images […]

Imagery for Posture: Shoulder Crosses 2

Last week I was at a dance camp in Adrèche in France, and offered massage treatments to the participants. I was expecting it to be quite popular, but it was even more than I thought it could be! I worked every minute I had offered my availability for, and loved every […]

Massage at a Dance Camp

A few weeks ago I described the ideal alignment and posture to adopt when standing, but didn’t give any tool to achieve that. This week I’m going to start remedying this problem. I want to give you anatomical knowledge about the upper back and shoulders, then give you images to […]

Imagery for Posture: Shoulder Crosses 1

Last weekend I volunteered my time for a good cause: giving out massage treatments to cyclists who pedalled for Ride London. It was an amazing experience! We were a team of 12 massage therapists, some still training and some, like me, recently qualified, under the supervision of an experienced therapist […]

Event work: Ride London

Our feet are the base upon which the rest of our body rests. For this reason, it it important to take good care of them, and to help them support us by allowing them to work in the best conditions possible. One of the ways to help our feet is […]

Foot posture and alignment

Having a good posture is something that we all know is important, but we rarely investigate what good posture actually is, any why it is good. In this post, I’m going to present a few guidelines that I find particularly useful. You can use them both as imagery to improve […]

Standing posture and alignment

Knees often give us trouble, yet we rarely give them any thought. Many of us seem to think of them as a simple hinge, but it’s way more interesting and beautiful than that! In this post I’ll guide you through discovering more about your knee and some of the structures […]

Discover your knees

Breathing, like walking, is something all of us do everyday. It’s even something we do all the time, whether we’re conscious about it or not. For this reason, it is an activity that can carry lots of habits, some of which can be unhelpful. That is why I decided to […]

Breathing Imagery 1 – Lower abdomen breathing

Our feet are amazing structures that carry us through every day, yet we rarely give them any attention, let alone care. As a dancer, I care about my feet a lot, and over time I have discovered many ways of massaging them to relieve their soreness, help prevent possible injuries, […]

Self-Massage for the Feet

This week’s blog is a bit shorter, and contains a single trick to improve your sitting posture by a lot! When thinking about posture, many people think of their shoulders, upper back, and maybe neck. This is all well and good, but if you only concentrate on these areas, you’ll […]

Sitting posture