Soft tissue therapy is also known sometimes as “sports and remedial massage”. Scroll down for prices.

How Soft Tissue Therapy Can Help You:

For professionals in the performing arts, dance and sports:

  • Release tension induced by playing an instrument
  • Help achieve optimal posture
  • Help fine-tune muscle tone trough the body
  • Help identify precursors of injury, and adapt your training.
  • Help improve foot mobility for balance and stability

For occasional dancers or sports-people:

  • Relieve knee pain
  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Improve mobility in shoulders, hips, knees, ankles
  • Speed-up recovery after minor injuries
  • Help our body recover from tennis elbow, shin splints and other common conditions
  • Relieve post exercise soreness and help the body recuperate
  • Relieve tired feet after long walks or runs

For everybody:

  • Release shoulder and neck tensions from a stressful life
  • Help deal with wrist pain and tensions, delay or prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Relieve minor chronic pain in the back and joints
  • Relieve pain in many cases of light back or joint injuries
  • Relieve tensions in the jaw (caused by, or causing, jaw clenching or grinding)
  • Help intestinal flow in cases of light constipation.

What you can expect:

Depending on your needs, I will use traditional massage techniques like sports massage or deep tissue massage as well as manipulations to help your body recover from or prevent injury or long-standing conditions. This is designed to improve blood flow in your muscles and tissues, the relationship between your nervous system and your muscles, as well as the fascia – the passive fabric that holds your body together and gives it its shape.

To learn more about soft tissue therapy, visit the websites of our governing body, the ISRM, and of the main school, the LSSM.

Prices at Balham:
£15 for 15 minutes,
£30 for 30 minutes,
£45 for 45 minutes,
£55 for 60 minutes.