I believe our bodies are a very important part of us to take care of. This belief started taking shape early in my study of martial arts, progressed as I started dancing, and then teaching dance. Through these practices as well as specific study, I have spent over 15 years accumulating knowledge of anatomy and movement. This continues to inform my practice of Soft Tissue Therapy, which I studied at the highly-regarded LSSM (the school that brought us Sports Massage, Sports and Remedial Massage, and now Soft Tissue Therapy).

My background makes me particularly passionate about working with dancers, musicians, martial artists, and people in the performing arts, but I believe that good physical health is important for, and should be available to everyone.

When I’m not treating people, I’m generally dancing somewhere, or practising taiji outside.

Samuel Tinguely, ISRM
Soft Tissue Therapist

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