“I came to Samuel with immense, indefinable pain in the shoulder and neck area. Earlier the same morning I had been having trouble just getting out of bed because every tiny movement sent new waves of pain through my body and lifting my head proved impossible without using my hands.
After the treatment with Samuel my range of head and neck movement improved visibly straight away and I felt a lot lighter. He helped me relax key points around the epicenter of pain I was feeling and then used taping to keep my shoulder and neck in place to help me relax the muscles underneath and stabilize a less painful posture.
Throughout the remainder of the day I felt a lot better already and by the next morning the difference was overwhelming: From moving in inches with tears in my eyes on the day before to feeling just a bit tense around the neck on the day after the treatment. By evening I could even dance again and move my head and shoulders almost without giving the area further thought. I wouldn’t hesitate to seek Samuel out for treatment again.”



“Working with Sam has helped to improve some of my problem spots stemming from training for aerials and contortion. He’s knowledgeable and I’ve particularly enjoyed asking about where some of my stiffness or pain might stem from and learning some exercises that can help. We’ve worked on a stiff shoulder that significantly improved with Sam’s help. Great work and definitely recommend!”



“Sam promised that as well as some temporary relief for my calves and shoulders, I should see some permanent increases in mobility too. Three months later, this certainly still holds true!”



“Samuel quickly understood my focus area and relieved the worst of the pain by opening the surrounding fascia, allowing my body to find a healthier posture. He then showed me exercises to stretch and relax my hands and forearms, which have made my computer job a lot more bearable since!”



“Samuel’s massaging skills reliably relieved me from the tensions accumulated by running. On top of that he is also able to explain things to me, like for example how my muscles and sensory system affect my mobility. “



“Samuel is a great massage therapist. He helped deal with my chronically aching shoulders and gave me some very valuable exercises to do when I had breathing trouble.”



“Samuel has a precise and healing touch. He sorted my lower back with ease.”