Taping and strapping are techniques often used after an injury to off-load a ligament to allow it to reform and heal properly while allowing an athlete to start training again, or anyone to start moving again as soon as possible. It can also be used in case of chronic issues to off-load tissue, allowing them to start healing (for instance in case of plantar fasciaitis).

It can help people suffering from:

  • Foot arches pain
  • Plantar fasciaitis
  • Sprained fingers
  • Sprained ankle at all degrees of acuteness
  • Sprained knee (collateral ligaments)
  • Patellar pain
  • Sprained shoulder

Note that this is different from Kinesiology taping (or K-taping), which I’m eager to learn, but haven’t yet.

Taping and strapping can be part of a normal treatment, or booked as a separate treatment (provided I have treated you before). An appointment for  the only purpose of taping and strapping costs £30 for up to 30 minutes.