I believe that the role of a therapist is at least as much to educate their clients as it is to treat them. While no reading will replace personal contact and specific advice, these books can help you get started, or continue further on a path of healing and improvement you started with your therapist.

Franklin Method, Ideokinesis and other predecessors

Inner Focus Outer Strength
Inner Focus, Outer Strength, by Eric Franklin; A good introductory book on the power of imagery, containing many simple exercises to improve your moving life.
Dynamic Alignment Trough Imagery, by Eric Franklin; The bible of alignment and imagery. Contains a very thourough explanation of how imagery works, as well as dozens of imagery erercises for proper body- and movement alignment.
Human Movement Potential
Human Movement Potential, by Lulu Sweigard; one of the most influential books on imagery and posture teaching, including the experiment report that led to the famous 9 lines of movement.
The Thinking Body
The Thinking Body, by Mabel Todd; one of the first books to apply ideas from engineering to the body, and start to discribe the power of thought over the body, in a fashion suitable for the average westerner.


Anatomy of Breathing
Anatomy of Breathing, by Blandine Calais-Germain; a very comprehensive book on breathing, different aspects of it, and some exercises to unlock your full breathing potential.

Nutritious Movement

Move Your DNA
Move Your DNA, by Katy Bowman; an introduction to “nutritious movement”, and movement as a critical and necessary part of life.
Whole Body Barefoot, by Katy Bowman; a guide to transitioning to minimal footware or bare feet, without risking injuries coming from skiping steps.
Movement Matters, by Katy Bowman; a collection of essays about movement and how it fits in our lives.

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